SSDI and SSI Appeals

SSDI and SSI Appeals

Has your application for Social Security Disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income been denied? Contact an experienced Social Security Disability appeals lawyer at Clark, Byarlay & Sparks. Our attorneys aggressively pursue SSDI and SSI benefits for people whose applications have been denied. We have a proven record of results in SSDI and SSI appeals.

If you have worked and paid into the system, you have a right to receive benefits now that you have suffered a physical or mental challenge that has impaired your ability to work. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Do Not Give Up

Many people who should receive SSDI or SSI benefits give up hope and choose not to follow through with their appeal. They figure they will lose their appeal. What they do not understand is that most people have their initial application denied. Even people who have a very strong case for SSDI or SSI benefits may have their initial application denied, especially if they did not hire a lawyer to assist with their initial application.

However, there is good news. Many of the people whose initial application is denied ultimately do receive benefits if they keep fighting. Our attorneys have won numerous SSDI and SSI appeals on behalf of clients.

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