Personal Injury Lawyers – Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury Lawyers – Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury Lawyers – Accident Attorneys

Immediately after being injured in a car accident, you are thrown into an adversarial legal system that is complex and confusing. While you are still receiving initial treatment for your injuries in a hospital emergency room, the parties at fault have already notified their insurance company of the accident. Every insurance company has a team of adjusters, investigators and attorneys whose car accident lawyerssole responsibility is to limit the liability of the insurance company and minimize the amount of money they will be required to pay “innocent” auto accident victims. You need the assistance of a qualified car accident lawyer to guide you through the system to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation allowable by law for your injuries.

There are many mistakes that can be made during the initial stages of a personal injury claim that cannot be undone by even the most experienced car accident attorney. We believe that our car accident lawyers can help “level the playing field” by providing auto accident victims with an accurate straightforward source of information regarding the legal and practical aspects surrounding the auto compensation system.


Our car accident attorneys notify all involved insurance companies of our representation on your claim. Our investigators review police reports and other official investigation files. We document the facts of the accident as necessary with on-scene data, photographs and affidavits to prove the extent of the other parties’ fault and to determine the strength of your case. In some instances we may recommend a lawsuit be filed early to deal with special issues or circumstances.


Your insurance company may owe you benefits prior to the settlement. After we notify your insurance company of our representation in writing, we follow up with them by phone and fax to expedite payment of your benefits. This phase of the process may be brief or it may take considerable time: some companies are understaffed and slow. It doesn’t “speed up” your benefits to sue. We provide information to influence prompt payment. We can help, but remember, the insurance company writes the checks and controls the payments.


We contact all of your doctors and hospitals to obtain copies of their billings, records and reports. We also obtain information concerning any loss of income resulting from your injury. We keep in touch with your doctors so we can document the extent of your injury and your prospects for a full recovery. Documenting the medical part of your claim takes as long as it does for your injuries to heal. You will want to be certain you’ve reached a point where your injuries are fully understood before trying to settle your claim.


When your injuries have healed to a point that your damages can be determined, we secure final opinions, reports, and billings from everyone who treated you. We prepare a brochure, which is a written, bound book of documentation summarizing your injuries and the facts of the case. When we are ready to begin negotiations, we submit your brochure and settlement demand to the insurance company who insures the adverse person. It may take several weeks for them to review and evaluate your claim. Their response time depends on seasonal caseloads and other factors beyond our immediate control.


Most cases are settled by negotiation, even when a lawsuit is filed against the adverse party. The process of negotiation is quite variable: if there are few issues or questions about the cause or the extent of your damage, a prompt settlement may be made. But, if there are serious questions about possible fault on your part, or dispute about the extent of your injuries, this takes time and patience to work out. If the issues cannot be resolved with the insurance company, we may recommend a lawsuit be filed to resolve these conflicts. Lawsuits can be settled without going into a courtroom.


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When you have authorized us to settle your case, or a court awards damages, you must sign a final release giving up any further claim. We obtain the settlement funds from the insurance company, retain our fee, pay any outstanding medical bills and remit the balance to you. This ends the process of your claim. Our handling of your case assures a professional result with less stress on you.

This brief summary is a basic guideline. If you have any questions, please contact your car accident attorney on our staff.

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