SSDI and SSI Appeals

SSDI and SSI Appeals

Has your application for Social Security Disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income been denied? Contact an experienced Social Security Disability appeals lawyer at Clark, Byarlay & Sparks. Our attorneys aggressively pursue SSDI and SSI benefits for people whose applications have been denied. We have a proven record of results in SSDI and SSI appeals.

If you have worked and paid into the system, you have a right to receive benefits now that you have suffered a physical or mental challenge that has impaired your ability to work. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Do Not Give Up

Many people who should receive SSDI or SSI benefits give up hope and choose not to follow through with their appeal. They figure they will lose their appeal. What they do not understand is that most people have their initial application denied. Even people who have a very strong case for SSDI or SSI benefits may have their initial application denied, especially if they did not hire a lawyer to assist with their initial application.

However, there is good news. Many of the people whose initial application is denied ultimately do receive benefits if they keep fighting. Our attorneys have won numerous SSDI and SSI appeals on behalf of clients.

Various Types Of Social Security Claims

Social Security Claims

Social Security pays benefits through two programs: the Social Security disability insurance program (SSD) and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.

Social Security Disability is a monthly payment for individuals who cannot complete a 40-hour workweek without missing work due to physical or mental problems. The inability to work must be one that will prevent you from working for at least one year. Medical evidence is necessary to prove your claim. You must also have worked and earned enough social security credits over a certain length of time in order to be eligible.

Social Security Disability for Adults is paid to a person who has earned 20 credits towards retirement or has worked five of the last 10 years.

Social Security Disability for Widows or Widowers is paid to a person that is at least 50 years of age and becomes disabled after the death of their spouse. The deceased spouse must have been employed and earned enough social security credits over a certain length of time in order to be eligible.

Social Security Disability for an Adult Child is paid to a child who becomes disabled prior to the age of 22. The child must have worked and earned enough social security credits over a certain length of time in order to be eligible. A child whose parents have died is also eligible so long as the child’s parents have earned enough social security credits over a certain length of time.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are paid to someone who does not have enough social security work credits (earnings) and who has limited financial means (low income).

Supplemental Security Income for children up to the age of 18 is paid to the parent or guardian of a person who is disabled because of a mental or physical disability.

Social Security Claims


We will assign someone experienced with SSI and SSD who will help you collect medical evidence, data and reports and help you complete the needed forms requested by the Social Security Administration in a timely manner so that when you file your initial application, you will have a better chance of winning your claim. We do not charge a fee unless we win your disability benefits.


We offer a free Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) case evaluation. If you have questions or believe you need to hire a lawyer with experience representing persons with disabilities, Please print out and complete the form provided by clicking the link below and fax it to us. Your claim will be received by our staff who will contact you to discuss your claim in detail, or refer you to someone that would be able to assist you. There is no cost or obligation for this evaluation service.

Custody and Visitation

Custody and Visitation

Nothing is more important to a parent than their child. If you are going through a divorce or other contested family law matter in which your parental rights are at stake, you want the most qualified attorney you can find who is dedicated to protecting your parental rights.

We are committed to providing the vigorous representation you require. We handle custody and visitation matters in a broad range of contexts, including:

  • Divorce
  • Custody modifications
  • Visitation modifications
  • Paternity
  • Parental relocation disputes

To speak with a Little Rock child custody lawyer, contact us. We are pleased to offer a free consultation to discuss your legal matter.

Protecting Your Rights and Your Children

Our attorneys understand the impact that a divorce or contested family law matter can have on a child. We always encourage parents to put the needs of children first and to work toward an amicable agreement when possible.

However, we understand that many factors can create complications. Some of the factors that may create challenges in a custody or visitation dispute include domestic abuse, parental relocation and different views on education, religion or discipline.

When cases may not be effectively resolved to our client’s satisfaction through negotiation or mediation, we have the trial experience necessary to vigorously defend their rights in the courtroom.